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Desert Willow Award

Rules- Members who are eligible to compete will run on Memorial Monday trial. The run scores from prelim and final runs will be added and the trophy will be awarded to the highest scoring club member hound. In the case of a tie it will be resolved with a run-off or coin flip.


About- The Willow challenge trophy is in memory of our first great lure coursing sighthound. These special first hounds teach us what it means to be a competitor, friend, volunteer and help us fall in love with the sport of Lure Coursing. There will always be that special first dog that we remember sacrificing our weekends with such excitement to see them compete on the field.


Willow was the first whippet at kennel Crossfyre. She was a true dual-purpose whippet. She excelled at active sports like lure coursing, racing, rabbit hunting and had the patience for obedience, agility and rally. Willow was a shy, independent, clever Whippet and would try anything at least once. Willow was one of those once in a lifetime whippets that will forever be missed.


Multiple Best In Field

Quixands Desert Willow, SC, FCH, ISC, AV RA, OA, CD, RATI, RATO, CGC



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2018 Winner

"Sonic" MBIF DC Windrock Batoutahellius MC LCX FCh GRC

Past Winners

2017  "Charlie" Belaya R'L Seahawk

Previouse Winners
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