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2017 Club Officers
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Melissa Egbert



Melissa Egbert got her first borzoi in 1988 and has been hooked on sighthounds ever since.  She has been involved with USRCC in lure coursing since 2004 and loves running and exhibiting her dogs in many different venues.

Faith Burnham

Vice President


Faith began working with retired racing Greyhounds in 2007, and started competing in amateur events with AKC Greyhounds in 2012. Since then Faith has traveled the country competing with and advocating for Greyhounds as companions and competitors.


June Biancalana



June Biancalana has been involved with USRCC since 2013, when she fulfilled a lifelong dream and brought home a Borzoi pup named Panda. She has since added another Borzoi, named Kai, and she is enthusiastically embracing any and all opportunities to bring a little more Panda-Monium to USRCC.


Board Members

Board Members 

USRCC has several board members who each have different specialties within the club. From hospitality to awards and beyond, the board members are critical to USRCC's trials.

Nora Somer

Irva McDougald

Monika Sima

James Hutchings

Lane Bagley


Utah Sighthounds is a club of sighthound enthusiasts who participate in lure coursing, straight racing, oval racing, conformation shows, nosework trials and agility. Our main focus is Lure Coursing trials sanctioned by the American Kennel Club and American Sighthound Field Association.


So what is lure coursing?


Lure coursing has been around for many, many years.  In the 1970's Lyle Gillette and other sighthound enthusiasts invented a new form of lure coursing using an artificial lure instead of  live prey. This allowed owners to continue coursing  hounds in a safe environment, away from the barbed wire fencing where prey could easily slip through, but where hounds could get injured.


Lure coursing is run on a large field - usually 20 or more acres in size. A series of ground pulleys are arranged on the field, then a line is strung around them making a continuous loop course. Attached to the line are three white plastic garbage bags which represent  'the bunny'. A lure machine (motor) pulls the line around the pulleys. The course can be anywhere from 600 yards to 1200 yards in length.


Who can participate in this sport?


Lure Coursing was originally developed to test the innate skills and physical abilities of a Sighthound. That is not to say that non-sighthounds can't participate in practices and fun matches. Sighthounds can participate in AKC and ASFA tests and trials where they are awarded points towards field titles for their performance, but USRCC also hosts AKC Coursing Ability Tests, which are open to all purebred and mixed-breed dogs that are registered with the AKC.


Why participate in this sport?


Sighthounds love to chase prey. That is not to say that every sighthound will enthusiastically chase a plastic bag around the field - but many do and absolutely love it. They are doing what they have been bred to do, and are obeying their genetic makeup. There is nothing more enjoyable for a dog owner than to see their dog fulfilling a natural instinct that is so much fun for them. Another reason for participating is get your dog a title. Yes, all this fun and a title too!

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