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The exact origins of the Sloughi is unknown. It’s speculated that the dogs go back to the 8th-7th BC. The smooth lop-eared sighthounds originated in Asia just east of Egypt. Sloughi’s were breed to hunt desert hare, fox, gazelle, hyena, ostrich and jackal. The Slough is found mainly in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Morocco.

The Sloughi is a shorthaired sighthound with ears that droop. It’s back is nearly horizontal with moderate angulations and a tucked up underline. They have a graceful, energy efficient stride. Adult dogs weigh between 50-63lbs. They are built for stamina and speed.

Sloughis are very intelligent, curious, independent dogs. Patience, consistency and a gentle manor are needed to train a slough. Early socialization with people and animals is needed otherwise they may become nervous, scared shy and freeze in new situations. Sloughi’s are very aloof with strangers and will observe for a while before they approach them. They typically do not like to be touched by strangers. They are watchdogs and will vocally let you know when someone approaches. A well-socialized slough is loving, gentle, playful, and loyal toward its owner. This makes changing ownership very difficult for this breed after they have bonded with the owner.

They get along with children and other pets if socialized properly. They can be good with the pets in their home environment, however could still chase or kill small neighborhood cats and dogs. Never let a sloughi off leash near roads or unsafe areas. This is a fast, high instinct hunting dog. They can still perform what they were originally bred to do.

They do not do well with long hours in a Crete. Sloughis typically need a lot of space around them to run. Their exercise needs have to be met or they become quite destructive. The Sloughi require a lot of aerobic exercise. It is good for them to receive around 2 hours of exercise a day. If used to hunt, these dogs can run for a long while. They have great stamina, but they also like other mental stimulation exercises as well. A Sloughi should be walked, run, jogged with on a bike, raced, played with.

Although these dogs are quite healthy and have no hereditary problems, they do have some issues with sensitivity to anesthesia, atrophy of the jaw, heart murmurs and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy).

Sloughi’s are a very rare breed in the US. If you’re looking for one, be prepared to travel. You will also have to have your name on a waiting list. This is not the breed for everyone. They do not act like Labradors or Retrievers. This can be a very challenging breed and not recommended for inexperienced first time dog owners.


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There are no Local Sloughi owners in Utah. If your interested in a Sloughi, I recommend talking with:
Jack McGuffin

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