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About Pharaoh Hounds

The first Pharaoh Hound was introduced to the United States in 1967. In 1984 the American Kennel Club recognized the breed and added the Pharaoh to the hound group as a sighthound.

The general appearance is a medium sized dog that is intelligent, affectionate, playful, alert and active. Color of coat is various shades of tan. A little white on the chest and a white tip on the tail are permissible. Their expressive eyes are a beautiful amber color. The nose is flesh colored. When excited or happy the Pharaoh will blush with the nose and inside of the ears turning a rosy pink. The ears of the Pharaoh Hound act as an emotional gauge. When excited or alert they stand erect. When happy they often hold them back flat. It is common to see a Pharaoh greet you with a smile where they wrinkle up the skin on their nose, show their teeth and wag their tail.

In Malta where they are the national dog they are used for rabbit hunting.
They have a keenness for hunting by sight as well as scent. They have a fast, free, easy movement. They are strong with the ability to climb mounds of rocks looking for rabbits. During a rabbit hunt in Malta the owner relies upon the hounds bark to identify their location. If you attend a lure coursing event you’ll know it’s the Pharaoh Hounds turn to chase the plastic bunny because you’ll hear them.
As with any athlete they need exercise to stay in shape. Because of their intense “prey drive” it is not recommended to let them run off lead until they are reliable coming when called.

Pharaoh Hounds are intense at what they do---when it’s time to run, they run with vigor and endurance. When they sleep they sleep and when they want your affection they will do whatever it takes to get your attention. They are intelligent, creative, independent thinkers. As a keeper of a Pharaoh Hound you have to be smart enough to use these characteristics to your advantage when trying to train. They love to be part of the family and do not do well if isolated or forgotten.
There is an ancient Egyptian quotation that pretty well sums up the essence of a Pharaoh Hound----

“The red long tailed dog goes into the stalls of the hill, he is better than the long faced dog. He makes no delay in hunting, his face glows like a god and he delights to do his work.”

If your interested in a Pharaoh Hound, be prepared to travel. This is a rare breed and will be hard to find locally. You most likely will have to travel out of state and be on a waiting list. Please consider rescuing a dog first.

For more Pharaoh Hound Information

Pharaoh Hound Rescue
Pharaoh Hound Club of America

If you would like to talk with a local Utah Pharaoh Hound owner, contact
Janie Hale

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