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Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhounds are the smallest breed in the Gazehound family (Dogs that hunt by sight). They typically weigh in at 8-15 pounds. Overall they look like a miniature greyhound with their long pointed face, deep chests and slim build. They run very fast for their size and can achieve up to 25 mph. They are built to run with a double suspension gallop and a distinctive high stepping gait.

Italian Greyhounds are a very affectionate breed that love to be with people. They make excellent dogs for families but are recommended for older children. Their fragile size can break easily if they were dropped or fell upon by a child. Rough play and jumping off the couch can also cause this breed to break because of their fine bone structure.

Italian Greyhounds have a very mild and loving temperament. They can become fearful in new situations if they are not socialized when they’re young. It’s also recommended that you Socialize Italian Greyhounds with larger dogs throughout their life.

This is a VERY ACTIVE breed. They enjoy running as fast as possible and will outrun most of the dogs at the park. Exercise is crucial for Italian Greyhounds. It’s recommended that they go for a walk 5-6 times per week. You also should find a safe, fenced location to run off leash several times per week
Training can be tricky with an Italian Greyhound. They have a “what’s in it for me” attitude. Always use consistency, patience, firmness and rewards when training Italian Greyhounds. Never use physical force, choke chains, or harsh tones on this breed when training. A good recall is vital for Italian Greyhounds. If they run away, you won’t be able to catch them. They are very quick and can dash into the street before you have a chance to stop them. Always keep them on leash when they are out of the yard. Only let them off leash in safe fenced area.

The number one reason why people re-home their Italian Greyhound is house training. It’s not unusual for this breed to be having accidents in the house at 1 year of age or older. If you live in a cold or rainy area they are even more difficult to house train. Because Italians have short coat and low body fat, they get very cold outside. You will have a hard time getting your Italian to go potty in the snow or rain. It’s recommended that you put your IG on a schedule for eating, drinking and using the potty. This will make house training much easier on you and the Italian. One of the most important things that an Italian needs is a very good coat. Italian Greyhounds like to stay dry and warm.

If you’re interested in an Italian Greyhound always consider rescuing first. This is a fairly common breed and there will always be Italian Greyhounds in need good home.

For more Italian Greyhound Information

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If you would like to talk with a local Utah Italian Greyhound owner, contact

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