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About Ibizan Hounds

Ibizan hounds originated from the island of Eivissa. They have traditionally been used in the Catalan speaking area of Spain and France. They were breed to hunt rabbits and other small game. This is a very athletic, strong and swift breed that hunts on all types of terrain. They use sight, sound and scent to hunt. Hunter’s packs are mostly made up of females since they are considered better hunters.

Ibizan hounds are tall, long legged, lean sighthounds with pricked ears. They typically come in a combination of amber to white colors. Ibizan hounds also have a rough or smooth coat variety. They have a very intelligent expression, laid back shoulders and strait upper arms. An adult Ibizan weighs 45-65lbs.

Ibizan hounds are clownish in their behavior and love to show off for their owners. They can be stubborn at times but do train well with positive training techniques. The do not excessively bark but will sound an alarm if a stranger approaches. They are independent thinkers and need creative activities to pass the time. They do not make good apartment dogs because of their space and exercise requirements.
Ibizan hounds have a very strong prey drive. They will chase critters that run whether it is the neighbor’s cat or the Pomeranian down the street. They do well if socialized with pets in the home but will chase and possibly kill anything that small, and furry outdoors. Never let the Ibizan off leash near roads or unsafe areas. Ibizans are borne athletes. They can easily jump high fences from the standing position. Extra care is needed to be sure that they are in a safe contained area for them to run. They can be escape artists so a proper fence and supervision is required to keep them in a yard.

This is a very active athletic dog. The need daily walks and ample room to run several times a week. Without Physical and mental stimulation this breed can become quite destructive in a home environment.

Ibizan’s are good with well-behaved children and love attention. They can be aloof with strangers but will warm up to them if given space and time. Early socialization is necessary for this breed. Minimal grooming of the Ibiza Hound's coat is necessary. A light brushing, good massage or rub down with a damp soft cloth is all that is needed for coat care.

This is a very rare breed of dog. You will most likely have to travel to find a breeder. There typically is also a waiting list for puppies.


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If you would like to talk with a local Utah Ibizan owner, contact
Irva McDougal

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