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About Greyhouds

The Greyhound is the largest of the smooth-coated sighthounds. They are elegant, athletic hounds capable of immense speed and intensity during the chase and yet are gentle, affectionat companions at home. The breed has a rich and varied history, likely originating in the eastern Mediterranean region before spreading throughout the civilized world. Historically, Greyhound-type hounds have been used to course a variety of game over many different types of terrain and in many countries. Modern day Greyhounds come in a wide range of sizes and type, from the gritty, hard-knocking hunter to the upstanding, proud show dog to the blazing fast professional racer. The breed was first recognized in this country by the American Kennel Club in 1885, and the National Greyhound Association was formed in the early 1900’s to register American racing Greyhounds.


AKC or ‘showbred’ Greyhounds are very rare, with fewer than 200 puppies registered each year. Most enjoy pampered lives as companions, but there is a small, dedicated group of fanciers that exhibit their dogs in conformation shows and many also compete in amateur sporting events such as Rally Obedience, Lure Coursing, Tracking, Agility, Straight (LGRA) and Oval (NOTRA) Racing and Open Field Coursing.


For more information on AKC Greyhounds, please visit

Greyhound Club of America


NGA or race-bred Greyhounds vastly outnumber their show and amateur performance bred relatives, and many people are introduced to the breed when they meet a retired racer at one of the many adoption meet & greets that are held throughout the country each weekend. Retired racing Greyhounds make wonderful companions owing to the care that they receive during their racing careers, where they are extensively socialized and given top-notch care by their team of track veterinarians, trainers and kennel staff. There are countless adoption groups devoted to helping place retired racers into pet homes once their careers have come to an end, and the demand for retirees as pets grows each year. Many adopters enjoy participating in the same amateur sporting events that AKC fanciers do with their hounds.


For more information on the life of a racing greyhound, please visit


USRCC has several active Greyhound owners in its membership, and one of the top breeders of show and performance Greyhounds is located just across the state line in nearby Clifton, Colorado. Utah is also home to two retired racing

greyhound adoption groups.


To meet the Fritzlers and their hounds, please contact:

Windrock Greyhounds


To speak with local fancier and USRCC officer, please email:

Faith Burnham


To find out more about adopting a Retired Racer in Utah, please visit:

Greyhound Rescue and Adoption (GRE) Utah Chapter



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