Utah Sighthounds is a club of sighthound enthusiasts who participate in lure coursing, strait racing, oval racing, conformation, and agility. Our main event that we support is Lure Coursing.

So what is lure coursing?

Lure coursing has been around for many, many years.  In the 1970's Lyle Gillette and other sighthound enthusiasts invented a new form of lure coursing using an artificial lure instead of  live prey  used previously. This allowed owners to continue coursing  hounds in a safe environment, away from the barbed wire fencing where prey could easily slip through, but where hounds could get injured.

Lure coursing is run on a large field - usually 5 or more acres in size. A series of ground pulleys are placed randomly in the field, then a line is strung around them making a continuous loop. Attached to the line are three white plastic garbage bags which represent  'the bunny'. A lure machine (motor) powers the line around the pulleys. The course can be anywhere from 600 yards to 1200 yards in length.

Who can participate in this sport?

This sport is for sighthounds. That is not to say that non-sighthounds can't participate in practices and fun matches. But, only sighthounds can participate in 'field trials' where they are awarded points for their performance. We do hold practice sessions for other non sighthound breeds and encourage all interested parties to come out and give it a try! your dog will love it.

Why participate in this sport?

Sighthounds love to chase prey. That is not to say that every sighthound will enthusiastically chase a plastic bag around the field - but many do and absolutely love it. They are doing what they have been bred to do, and are obeying their genetic makeup. There is nothing more enjoyable for a dog owner than to see their dog fulfilling a natural instinct that is so much fun for them. Another reason for participating is get your dog a title. Yes, all this fun and a title too!



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