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USRCC Upcoming Events

2023 Events


September 16-17

There will be Fast Cat 2 trials per day. Entries will be limited to the first 100 entries per test. Day of entries only accepted if there is space. We are filling up FAST so make sure to pre-enter to secure your spot.

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Tally-ho! Lure Coursing

Tally-ho! Lure Coursing

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AKC Sighthound Lure Coursing Trial

November 11th-12th

There will be an AKC Sightound Lure Coursing trial.

Premiums in progress. More info to come!

All Breed Coursing Ability Test

November 11th-12th

This is a 600 yard CAT course with turns. This is an all breed/mixed breed run. Event is a pass or fail course completion style event.

Premiums in progress. More info to come!

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